Addy’s Horse Show

It is no secret for those that are close to me that I have two little girls in my life that I adore. I feel like they are my adopt-a-nieces!! So when I was invited to go to a riding competition for Addy, I jumped at the chance to bring my camera! We had such a wonderful weekend, and this girl’s composure at her first show… well she continues to amze me. I am so proud of you Addyson!!

Seniors: Allison & Taylor Fall

My last session with these girls was in the fall. We wanted to add some variety and color to the sessions. It was a chilly day and I literally almost broke my leg falling, but we had a great afternoon and got a lot of good stuff! Since these two were besties, we decided to shoot a little bit seperate and a bit together to commemorate their bond! I even got to meet Ms. Bella, the sweetest pup around!!

First48: Alison

Enter baby Alison… making her incredible appearance during Blizzard Evelyn of April! Since I was unable to get to the hospital, we rescheduled for a home shoot. It turned out just as beautiful! Congrats Basia and Brad on your beautiful family of four!

Click the photos below to enlarge the scale.

Congrats Class of 2018

Many congrats to the special grads that I got to meet and photograph that are graduating shortly!!

Family: Skylar and Beau

This sweet girl has been my go-to model since the beginning. So when momma approached me, asking if I could take a few pictures of these two before she had braces put on, I couldn’t wait! Spur of the moment, I grabbed my camera, and the following beautiful session was what came of it!

Seniors: Taylor Swim

Seriously, I love when I get to bring my camera to the pool! And this session was just so much fun!

Happy Mother’s Day!

What an amazing, fun, loving, saddening, difficult day we are having.

Every woman is a mother in some way… whether you are bound to a child, to a pet, or just bound by love to another… we all have the qualities for motherhood! Together lets celebrate the beautiful moments that our mothers have blessed us with!

Personally, I have an angel of a mother, a wonderful stepmother that I cherish, many grandmothers, mother’s in law, a sister who is a mother, and countless friends that I am thankful for each day. A huge Mother’s Day hug to each and every one!!

But also remember that many may be struggling on this day over the personal loss of a mother, of becoming a mother, or simply no longer being a physical mommy. Let us support and love each other! Congrats and love to all, and peace to those who need it. And to all the mother’s I have photographed this past year, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your world!

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